I wrote Design as if I was watching a motion-picture reel scroll through my mind. There were days when the characters overtook my ego and allowed me to breath life into their personality traits on the page. There were other times, like a visit to London in 2009, when my husband and I serendipitously happened upon a play in the West End. As the Universe sometimes has it’s way of revealing our life script, James McAvoy, the Scottish hottie I’d cast in my mind as James Carlisle, was starring in Three Days of Rain. Let me just say that, after I left the Apollo theatre, I never envisioned anyone but McAvoy playing ‘my’ James.

That is until, over Christmas vacation in 2016, when Benedict Cumberbatch invaded my dreams.  You can check out why in these posts – Benedict Cumberbacth’s Pot and What Now Benedict?

Here’s the star-studded cast prior to Benedict throwing his pot into the ring! If you agree, click Hell Yeah! If you don’t, click Don’t Think So! Feel free to add who you’d prefer to see…