I wrote Design as if I was watching a motion-picture reel scroll through my mind. There were days when the characters overtook my ego and allowed me to breath life into their personality traits on the page. There were other times, like a visit to London in 2009, when my husband and I serendipitously happened upon a play in the West End. As the Universe has a way of revealing our life script via synchronicities, James McAvoy, the Scottish hottie I’d cast in my mind as James Carlisle, was starring in Three Days of Rain. Let me just say that, after I left the Apollo theatre, I never envisioned anyone but McAvoy playing ‘my’ James.

That is until when, over Christmas vacation in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch invaded my dreams.  You can check out posts from my series of dream that spanned several years starting with these – Benedict Cumberbacth’s Pot and What Now Benedict?

Since my retirement from a twenty-seven year career of designing for professional athletes, CEOs of billion-dollar companies, and the likes of the Real Housewives, my inner journey has led me down a path of linking true-to-life events with my fiction. Thus, I’m combining my books Complicated…by Design and Unconventional Truth…The Story of an Empowered Woman Seeking Truth into a true-to-life, episodic TV series that will have a documentary-style show that runs parallel, exposing the truth behind the story lines.  Additional content will be included with a Truth Behind the Design series, along with interviews and incredible merchandise.

Below is the star-studded cast I initially had in mind while writing the novel, Complicated…by Design.  Considering that was prior to Benedict throwing his pot into the ring, I have to admit my visions for my dream cast have changed! I often wonder what it would be like for untapped talent, waiting for their big break to take center stage, to fill the cast. Fresh faces for a NEW world.  What do you think?

If you know of any fabulous talent you think would fit the roles for Complicated…by Design, please fill them in and vote.

Complicated…by Design is an artsy, high-design drama, where an unsuspecting interior designer struggles to save not only her career, but her life, when she finds herself entwined in the web of secrets linking her elite clients to hidden atrocities plaguing the world.