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Hi, I’m Deeia. Practical. Approachable. Passionate.

I grew up on a farm in northern Illinois where I spent my youth bare foot and happy. As a gymnast in college, not only did I learn time management and leadership skills, I left Iowa State University with a BFA in Interior Design.

After one year as an associate designer at an architectural firm in Sarasota, Florida, I pulled on my big-girl panties and ventured out on my own. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I started Deeia M. Topp Interiors, what turned out to be an award-winning design firm specializing in high-end residential design, from my one-bedroom apartment.

At one point during my twenty-seven-year career, I thought that by fine-tuning my business, I would be able to lead a less stressful life. What became apparent was that it wasn’t the mechanics of the business, or the daily design details that needed to be adjusted, it was my inner world. That’s when I embarked on a journey to find peace amid my clients’ chaotic lives. I started to take responsibility for my thoughts, actions and emotions. By learning not to buy into the drama of others’ daily disturbances, confronting my fears about money, as well as success, and letting go of past actions and issues, clarity stepped forth to light my way.

I now choose how to live my life, and I’ve designed a less complicated one. It is my intention to help others do the same by provoking thought and sharing from the heart. Why? Because after years of designing for the uber wealthy, I woke up and realized that we spend more time designing our living spaces than we do our lives. And, quite frankly, there are easier ways to light up your life than a $50,000 chandelier!

Author of the novel Complicated… by Design, I’m available for radio, television and media interviews.


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Complicated…by Design is Eat Pray Love meets Trainwreck.  A shockingly blunt tale that takes a profound turn when Chanda Lear learns that life is not only complicated by design, but designed to be complicated.  

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PRESS RELEASE: Sarasota, Florida Designer to the Uber Wealthy Pens First Novel



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