Remembering Why We Are Here

The Shift of Collective Consciousness…

Earth is at times exciting. Other times, it is humbling, horrific, and
heartbreaking. Some even describe it as being hell.

That’s why, when we awaken to TRUTH, the catalysts in our lives take
on a whole new meaning. They are meant to shock us out of our
comfort zones. To shake us out of our complacency, force us to rise up,
and remember why we’re here.

My dream last night started with Team God focused inward, not only on
our individual selves, but as if we were floating above Earth looking back
down. We were expending our energy where the collective darkness
hangs out.

I have to say, we were having a ball kicking ass and taking names. We
were suiting up in our armor and using our swords. We were taking
back our energy, transmuting it, and then blasting light back at
whomever or whatever had been stealing it.

Then, there was this moment when the chaos became a little too chaotic,
and we collectively knew, without a direct call of action, that it was

We simply turned around and held hands in a circle facing away from
Earth. It reminded me of previous wave dreams where we’d hold hands
in a line on top of a wave and ride it together. But, this wasn’t a wave.
This was different. We were eclipsing out the darkness by, as a united
force, electrifying our LIGHT outward away from Earth.

At first, the shift was slow. We were rising up away from the darkness as
energetic orbs of light. And, if you recall descriptions of past dreams,
the clearer, brighter balls of light were magnetized, helping to pull other
more translucent ones up with them.

I recall looking back and Earth looked like a large ball of black velcro
with black dots stuck to it. There were also translucent dots lingering
below as well. It was abundantly clear that all was by choice, and all had
to the very last second to decide.

Then, if you can imagine the brightest flash of LIGHT ever, as if
lightning was hitting your eyeballs, the collective shift happened.

BOOM… it was that SIMPLE!!!

Now, do you remember why you’re here?

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