Nationalism Leads to Globalism

December, 5, 2018

D-5  is Destiny Day.  The day we choose between dark and light.

What a glorious day! Freedom is in the air, can you feel it? The winds of change are circling the globe, shaking up the world, and swiftly ushering in sweeping transformation. We are in a time of rapid growth and accelerated expansion on all levels, and light versus dark is at the forefront.  Which, on the surface, appears to be playing out as nationalism versus globalism, when, in actuality, nationalism will lead to globalism. TRUE globalism.

From Iran to France, Belgium to Sweden, and beyond, we are witnessing individuals rising up to take their indivdual power back, as well as communities, cities, and countries reclaiming their collective strength.  They are standing strong in their renewed power, demanding their Divine right to sovereignty.

In many cases there is also much we don’t see or hear due to the death grip the global elite have on the throats of the Mockingbird media, coupled with the need for secrecy while the light forces stealthily defeat the dark. Nonetheless, The Great Awakening is in full force, and it is an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

Those standing in the way of this tsunami of change, like Merkel, Macron, May, and Soros, along with all of the deep state and global elite, are being washed away as the collective rides the wave of freedom. The giant wave is crushing those opposing ultimate freedom in search of more control. While those surfing the tidal wave are liberating Earth as a whole, which is TRUE globalism.

TRUE globalism is light, truth and love.  It’s not about darkness falsely disguised as light. Nor, is TRUE globalism the kind that we’ve been led to believe, which was manufactured by a corrupt political agenda and delivered via a manipulative media narrative. The false version was a select, blood-thirsty group attempting to rule the world. The key word being WAS.

World domination may have been their plan, but it’s not THE PLAN. We are awake.  We no longer fall prey to the global elite’s mis-guided attempts to disguise their version of globalism for the greater good, when it’s nothing more than vague rhetoric hiding their sinister schemes of New World Order.

The end has arrived for those who selfishly chose dark.  The beginning is here for those whom have chosen the light.

What a glorious day, indeed.  Let freedom ring!
















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