Whose the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

What happens when you have opposing forces whom are both dressed as wolves in sheeps’ clothing? Do they recognize each other?  Do the sheep know there are wolves lurking amongst them?  Or, are the sheep too caught up in surviving their day-to-day lives that they aren’t aware of the imminent threat?  What if the sheep were purposely divided by color and gender to distract from the infiltration of an evil wolf pack? Is it possible that the evil pack can be herded out by another benevolent group of wolves wearing sheeps’ costumes who have been patiently plotting for years in the background?

Who are the wolves that are stalking the sheep, anyway?  Now that Deep State has become a mainstream term, I’m going to use that moniker to represent what some call dark powers, others use terms such as Illuminate, Cabal, or a myriad of other names like Global Elite, to label the documented family bloodlines that have used secrecy, deception and manipulation to oppress humanity for centuries. They are the wolves that are currently being unmasked by a surge of TRUTH sweeping the planet.

Who, then, are the sheep?  The Deep State have labeled people, whom aren’t a part of their movement for a New World Order, as sheep.  Now, keep in mind, the warm and fuzzy aspects that the Deep State spout as Globalism isn’t their true agenda for a New World Order. It’s much darker and more sinister than that. The Deep State believe the sheep are easily controlled.  They also believe that by only sharing what the sheep want to hear, they can get them to consent to their devious scheme without being aware of the depths of the Deep State’s depravity. Considering collective complacency has led to this tipping point in Earth’s history, it’s evident that the Deep State have achieved the imprisonment of the sheep with not only fencing, but invisible bars, for decades.


With the Deep State’s global system of sex trafficking, exploitation of children, and far worse, Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind.  Why?  Because when the Deep State’s wolf costumes are removed, revealing their infiltration of charities, Big Pharma, Banking, and both sides of political parties, to name a few things, the sheep, who aren’t awake, will be shocked and confused like Little Red Riding Hood. When it’s exposed that the eating of children isn’t a fairytale, the sheep will be outraged.  Especially, when the Deep State’s masks are removed and, people the sheep trusted, are exposed for murder, treason, and satanic ritual abuse.

The sheep may not want to face those grim realites, but those types of disclosure aren’t far off.  There will be declassifications, and the unsealing of over 50,000 sealed indictments, that will lead to mass arrests. In some cases, those arrests will lead to military tribunals.  Whether you were a fan of Kavanaugh’s nomination, or opposed, his confirmation was vital to the systematic dismantling of the Deep State.  That’s why, when I saw this meme, it rang out as TRUTH.

All that said, remember the benevolent pack of wolves wearing sheeps’ costumes?  They are the ones whose costumes are falling away and their authentic selves are being revealed. They are the truthers and star seeds whom have awakened to the atrocities plaguing the world.  They’re the ones who spent years peeling back the veil and shedding light on the dark, Deep State’s devious ways. They’re the ones who have stepped forward and spread the TRUTH, even if it made them the black sheep amongst their family and friends.

The truthers and star seeds are now uniting as warriors of light, wielding swords of TRUTH that the Deep State no longer have the energy in their favor to defend.  The Deep State may succeed in creating distractions, like false flag attacks, political smears, depressing financial markets, etc., but in the end, they will NOT prevail.  PEACE will.

If you’re interested in learning more about those wearing sheep’s clothing, here is a great place to start – Qanon.pub or Qmap.pub Where you won’t find accurate information, is the mainstream media. Here is one of the reasons.

The GOOD news, actually no, GREAT news, is that after watching things fall apart, we’re going to have a front row seat to watch them fall into place in the most outstanding ways. We’re going to rebuild better systems and structures that are truly in the greatest good of ALL, not just a select few.





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