When Two Paths Converge

At this critical time in Earth’s transition to a positive polarity, there are a multitude of paths leading to full disclosure. Two of those paths are converging for a final push to wake people who are still in deep slumber.

Truth Seekers have been wading through trenches of darkness as they courageously followed the physical path. They’ve repelled down deep rabbit holes, and clawed their way out, to share knowledge and information to wake those who were unaware of the atrocities plaguing the world. Their missions have been to shine spotlights on the way our world truly works by exposing TRUTH.  They should be commended.  Against all odds, they’ve done a fantastic job in circling the wagons for justice to be served before the clock expired.

Star Seeds, with activated DNA, have been following a path parallel to the Truth Seekers.  Yet, the Star Seeds’ path has been a spiritual one. They received wisdom and ancient teachings through various intuitive means that led them to TRUTH.  In turn, they’ve bravely enlightened others while shining light on darkness in the physical realm, and beyond. They, too, should be commended. Their steadfast commitment to holding light shifted frequencies to a point where ripple effects turned into waves of organic, benevolence allowing for disclosure that is energetically ripe for arrests.

The combined efforts of Star Seeds and Truth Seekers has created an energetic boost that is an integral part of The Great Awakening. The two paths have validated and enhanced one another, and now they’re merging into an accelerated timeline where TRUTH is magnified for all who are willing to open their eyes and see. The merging, of two unlikely forces coming together, is creating a fast-tracked, UNITED front that is exposing old, and creating new, for the greatest good of all, even if there are still people who refuse to face the TRUTH.

As disclosure proceeds in rapid-fire succession, the focus on truth, justice, and integrity, will give way to increased flow of compassion for those who are awakening to the harsh truths perpetuated by people they trusted. The misguided, and those whom are oblivious to the depths of depravity that make up their realities, will be eagerly searching for TRUTH. Those who gave their power to the devil may be seeking forgiveness, and the dark powers may attempt to switch sides to save their souls. In all cases, discernment in dealing with people moving forward will be key.

That said, the next few months will be filled with redemption for Truth Seekers and celebrations for Star Seeds.  Their hard work, dedication, and faith will be corroborated as the collapse of the false-light matrix makes way for happier, healthier days for ALL.













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