The Great Fall

As I’m sure most of you can attest, the energy has been off-the-charts crazy lately.  There is also a secret war raging under the surface of our chaotic world that is more widespread than most realize. As is evident by current events, the United States is on the front lines. Yet, even though the current chaos offers up the appearance of mankind taking a giant leap backwards, in reality, a path is being cleared that leads to peace.

However, in true Autumnal fashion, the path to peace will end up littered before the fallout is cleared. For the winds of change are blowing, and they are fierce. Their arrival not only marks The Great Fall of the dark, The Great Awakening is in full force.

This year, Autumn represents more than a change of seasons leading to winter, it symbolizes the end of a timeline where suppression ruled the world. Like the trees, we are collectively letting go of those old, dark ways, making way for brighter days.

We are witnessing the self-serving, whom have committed crimes against humanity for control and repression, resist the inevitable. Change. The veil hiding their service to a select few, versus the greater good of ALL, is not only thinning, it is rapidly dissolving before our eyes. The remnants of which are blowing like dust in the wind, further exposing their deceitful ways. We have front row seats to The Great Fall of the dark, and the views are glorious for those with open minds and open hearts.

Those whom have kept truths hidden that lead to health, abundance, and prosperity for ALL, are resisting the light that is shining on them because it’s exposing their devious deeds for ALL to see. Their worn-out attempts to divide by race, religion, and political affiliation will fail.  Their over-played efforts to create war for their own profits will NOT come to fruition. Their transparent methods of redirecting the narrative via the mainstream media will backfire.  For we are wise.  We are aware.  We are awake.  And we are UNITED together as light.

We have been kept in the dark for far too long. The time to set ALL free is NOW!

Welcome to The Great Fall. Light is rising and darkness is falling. The true harvest of peace, love and light is upon us, where we all reap what we sow.









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