With the political climate at a fever pitch, here is an ‘excerpt’ of the chapter PEACE PREVAILS from my latest book – Unconventional Truth…The Story of an Empowered Woman Seeking Truth. I hope it helps shine light on why the current chaos across the world is a GOOD thing! It’s exposing TRUTH and allowing what is being brought to the surface to HEAL!

I used March For Our Lives as an example, as it was relevant at the time I wrote the book.  However, the happenings of the #MeToo movement could simply be inserted in it’s place to be more relatable today.  No matter the name of the movement, though, the TRUTH, on ALL levels, is being exposed, and it’s not about party lines.  It’s so much bigger than that.

In coming weeks and months, many will be shocked when those whom have been dwelling on the bottom floors, as described below, are exposed.  More shocking will be the dark deeds they’ve been hiding from humanity for years.  The important thing to remember, as the chaos continues,  is that, in the end, PEACE WILL PREVAIL!

I received a greater understanding of the importance of my stillness over the past year, and new light was shed on why, when a Presidential election rolled around, I most often felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils in a deep-rooted culture seeking domination, versus serving the greatest good of ALL. It reminded me of a verse from my automatic writing while in LA.

Allow yourself a moment during this trip

to absorb the unfolding of an underlayment beneath you,

as the crumbling of an old empire is on its last, dying legs.

In a similar manner to my DNA dream, where one image represented multiple meanings, my dream our last night in Boston was no different. It showcased how, even though the current chaos in our world offers up the appearance of mankind taking a giant leap backwards, in reality, a path is being cleared that leads to peace. I’ll do my best to describe the visual of the dreamscape.

Envision a tall apartment building sliced in half, hinged in back, and opened up like a dollhouse where you can see inside each floor. From an architectural perspective, it would be as if you were looking at a section of the building.
The bottom level is a dark basement with no visible light source. Each floor above the basement progressively has more light, with the penthouse being the brightest, with crystal-clear windows and pulsating rays from the sun beaming through skylights.

Opposite of traditional thinking, the bottom level is the elite level where greed and control reside. The top floors are where abundance flows effortlessly without want, and money isn’t a priority.

The rooftop is open to pure source energy, what some would call the Universal Source of Love and Light. Others use the term God. Some prefer All That Is, while others simply use The One. The name is beside the point. The connection is key. It unlocks all doors on all levels.

The bottom level has lost sight of the light. They seek everything outside of themselves. Even when shown the light switch, they arrogantly choose not to turn it on. They believe money, power and control, in what was shown as deep, dark ways, are the keys. Yet, they are unable to access the spiral stairs winding the way up through the building. Nor, can they get the elevator, that stops on all levels, to move off the bottom floor. Consequently, they do everything in their power to keep others from accessing the celebrations on the rooftop by creating a layer of fear that acts as a barrier between the penthouse and the rooftop.

Thankfully, those dwelling on other levels have the ability to traverse all floors by using their keys. However, if you consider that each floor has a different vibrational frequency, then the bulk of ones’ actions, which is where they focus their energy, dictates the level in which they reside.

Now, imagine each individual has a building that represents their personal life. Some may sleep on an upper level, yet drop down to a lower level to play out work scenes, which I sensed, resulted in lack of fulfillment. Others may call a mid-level home, yet hang out above when involved in activities they’re passionate about. Another group may reside on upper floors until a mission requires their light to infiltrate the dark, then they drop down and play out a role on a lower level.

During dreams or meditations, all can access the penthouse or rooftop. Unfortunately, they don’t stay there because the Earth’s overall vibrational level is currently too low. With more people awakening, along with what looked like an invisible, galactic rain of light, that is changing.

Then, there is another building for the collective, where global events occur. Actually multiple buildings for various levels of local, state, national, cosmic, etc., but, I’m honestly not sure how to describe that intricate detail without confusion, so, I’ll stick to two.
Each building is going through massive changes that are rattling the foundations. It appeared as if all is playing out simultaneously in a 3D chess match with numerous buildings overlapping.

Weather, seismology, fires and solar winds are battering the landscape. The more that is cleaned up from underground activities, the stronger the light grows up from inside the Earth, causing cracks in the basement floor. Winds of change are blowing through the walls on all levels and light is seeping in. New structures are being put in place to save old systems that are not sustainable because they are not based on the Law of One. Which, is love. Truth. Quantum waves are cleansing deep into the darkest cracks, allowing light from the cosmic shift to pour in, which, in turn, is causing cockroaches to scatter.

Those whom dwell on the bottom floors have a choice. They can choose to use their keys to move up, or perish below when the light is so bright that the weight of the darkness collapses the lower levels.

The dream became more specific by highlighting how current, hot-button topics are playing out simultaneously on different levels, as well as in individual buildings. On a lower level, March For Our Lives is stripping away freedom. On an upper level, it’s paving the way for the day when peace prevails and we couldn’t imagine needing or wanting a gun anyway.
Then, in a complete matter-of-fact, non- judgmental way, the timelines shifted to reveal that there will not be a gun ban in the United States until the bottom levels have collapsed. At which time, a repeal of the Second Amendment will be irrelevant. I’m not sure if that was due to some type of Universal intervention, or the collective consciousness waking up to truth. Quite possibly, a combination.

The border wall was shown playing out on various levels as well. On a lower floor, the wall is being built in a manner to divide. Higher up, peace prevails and the wall isn’t necessary because there are no borders. We openly and freely explore the beauty of Mother Earth. Following suit with no gun ban, the wall will be built until the lower levels crumble.

No matter what other issues were demonstrated, the checkmate position highlighted the forthcoming bombshells of truth that will shock much of the world. The emotional reactions were shown to seal the fate of the bottom floors, reducing them to rubble. At which time, anger and compassion will be channeled into change that leads to a brighter future. Agencies based on fear, like the TSA, will become a thing of the past, as peace and harmony will grow out of the ashes and envelop the world.

Until then, I was reminded to focus on the brightest future for the greatest good of the planet. Where unconditional love and prosperity rain down for ALL. Where love is the light of consciousness, and the ultimate freedom. Where, with unity, that light grows in leaps and bounds.

The overall imagery in the dreamscape may have been intricate, but the message was simple and delivered with clarity. DO NOT underestimate the power of the love and light we each hold inside of us. 

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