Awake… Now What?

Awake, huh?  What rabbit hole did you plunge down first? Spiritual? Physical? Mental? Practical, perhaps? How deep did you dive before you realized that the way you thought the world worked, isn’t the way it does? In most cases, you don’t have to reach the deepest depths for the mind-bending, beyond-belief truths to shake you awake. To open your eyes. To get you to stop viewing the world through the lenses of polarity and duality.

For many, they were plucked out of a sound sleep with a deep inner knowing that their reason for being on Earth goes much deeper than the superficial life they’d been living.  For others, it was an event that just didn’t feel right. Like a press conference where political figures were lying through their teeth and the viewer suddenly realized, that’s not the TRUTH. That’s just what they want me to believe. It could’ve been a moment in a doctor’s office when they were given more drugs and were struck with a moment of clarity, aware that they’re body deserves better than the poison they’re being prescribed. The stories are endless. The awakenings are real. TRUTH is all around us if we release the fear and allow ourselves to awaken to it.

What happens after you wake up and realize what you thought was true, in most accounts, is false? When you come to terms with the fact that many in government, and various three-letter agencies, aren’t for ‘we the people’.  The mainstream news is fake, the bulk of the medical industry isn’t interested in cures; and sexism, racism, and political parties are dramatized to divide. The exploitation of children is globally rampant, many charitable foundations are racketeering at it’s finest, and, in most cases, advertising, marketing, and entertainment are pure propaganda. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What about space, and beyond? There’s a reason we have a new Space Force. The truth is, it isn’t new, it’s just been hidden from us for decades.

These are harsh truths for harsh times for a reason. To get us to see with clear eyes. Feel with open hearts. Ideally, think with calm minds.  We are waking up to remember that we are truly powerful beings, especially when we UNITE for the greatest good for ALL.  When we stop following, and start leading. When we release fear, and embrace CHANGE. That’s when our worlds truly start to flourish. Individually, as well as collectively, we’re a quantum force ushering in changes that are leading to the most glorious world we’ve ever seen.

The dark powers will continue their attempts to divide, deceive and demand, yet their power is diminished.  Why?  Because we are aware of their devious games and insatiable quest for power and control.  The veil is thin and their actions are viewed through a new transparency sweeping the planet.

That is why TRUTH is bubbling to the surface. It is meant to be seen, for we, as a collective, have been complacent in allowing the dark powers to control our lives for far too long. The time for widespread change is NOW! Dark deeds can no longer hide behind their webs of deceit. We are weaving new webs of light from authentic places of LOVE and TRUTH to replace the old, out-dated ways of living. Being.

Now, more than ever, COMPASSION is key, as many are still awakening to the ugly, unconventional truths. Once they do, it’s important for those whom have been walking the path to have patience with those starting their inner journeys. And, as we witness the systematic fall of the dark, controlling factions across the planet, it is vitally important to stand in our individual power, UNITE as one, and demand an end to ALL dark and corrupt deeds. To release the dove of PEACE and shine our lights, BRIGHT, for we are LOVE, and LOVE wins!



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