Unconventional Truth

I’m happy to announce my new book UNCONVENTIONAL TRUTH… The story of an empowered woman seeking truth, is now available at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE in ebook, print and audiobook.

Not trying to be a guru, Deeia Topp offers a refreshing take on her inexplicably wild, intuitive world. From her sister’s death, to her choice to leave behind a twenty-seven-year career, stories are shared by a woman whom thought she knew the truth, only to realize, she didn’t have a clue. Written in a manner that isn’t an attempt to make you believe, Topp’s Unconventional Truth provokes thought by relaying unexpected lessons she didn’t intend to learn along the way.

Here are a few of the FIVE STAR reviews to date…


A thought provoking triumph!
April 28, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Once again, Deeia Topp’s writings have captured my attention and imagination! I applaud her honesty and open musing, and the incredible way she presents her vision of our journey toward a quantum higher consciousness and Universal change. Her attitude of non-judgemental observation and unconditional love shines throughout the book. Her courage to speak of her own ‘unconventional truth’ shows how far she has personally evolved on her journey, while her visions provoke an uncomfortable, yet encouraging thought of where our world is being guided. Deeia is very connected with Source, and it shows in the way she presents her discoveries that seem to come to her in such random, but still finely structured ways. Bravo to her for peeling back the layers to get to her own truth and understanding in such a humble way, and then passionately seeking to share. This is a book worth reading again, and to recommend to anyone seeking their own personal understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos.


This book is a gem! Everything I read resonated with a striking sense of depth and conviction.
April 16, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Somewhere toward the end of the book, Deeia says: Humanity is shifting toward a level of higher consciousness. Lifting the veil on secrets that have been subverted is, and will, continue to happen across the board. The time of descension is over. A fire has been lit. Social consciousness and ascension are on the rise.” I can’t agree more with these insights and observations. Deeia is a thought pioneer, and thanks to her, more seekers are able to see the wisdom behind the chaos that is being felt by people the world over.
Homayoun Sadeghi, MD
Author, The Art of Healthy Living


April 30, 2018
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
What an inspirational read! I couldn’t put the book down !! LOVED LOVED LOVED it –So true on so many levels and just an amazing read!

Thank you to all whom have not only read the book, but wrote reviews and shared personal stories.  I am humbled and grateful!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You can also check out my first book – COMPLICATED…by DESIGN on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Chanda Lear, owner of Star Interiors, offers a peek inside the real world of designing for Greenwich’s Botoxed elite. With a staff of unique individuals who have their own quirks and drama, an ex-boyfriend she can’t get out of her mind and, just possibly, the perfect British man, she struggles to find peace and maintain her sanity. On her journey to finding her true self, she learns that a life of excess and extravagance isn’t as important as one’s happiness.

October 23, 2018 UPDATE

Combining Unconventional Truth with Complicated by…Designwhile adding a true-to-life twist, has resulted in a fictional, episodic TV series proposal and pilot, along with a documentary-style sister series that dives deep into the real-world mysteries surrounding each.  Additional content and merchandising is also in the works!



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