As I stated in my new book UNCONVENTIONAL TRUTH, there doesn’t appear to be a guide book on life that is broad enough in scope or content. Or, inclusive of ALL. As one diet doesn’t work for all, the awakening process is a deeply personal one that is tied to the specific roles we’ve each chosen to play. At the same time, there is an all-encompassing level where we are inexplicably linked via unity consciousness. I’m grateful to be linked to the following beautiful souls whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet along my journey. They are brilliant, bright shining lights that have opened their hearts to help others.

Ultimately though, going within is where we find answers to life’s biggest mysteries. However, when you need a little guidance, it’s comforting to know that there are people out there, all across the world who are eager to assist. Most of these are contacts from my twenty-seven years in Sarasota, Florida, but many can help via phone as well. Some are websites with a wide variety of information, where discernment, without prejudice, is key. What seems outrageous one day, may be just what you need the next. Others are from various parts of the world.

As always, FEEL into who and what resonates with you.   Your heart knows the way!


Website: foreversouls.com

Marilyn Bouchard – PHOTOGRAPHY – Pigment b et Design – Artist who created the image on my new book cover.
Website: http://www.pigmentb.com

Mindy Tatz Chernoff -Author, TedX speaker, and Equine Specialist – The Resonate Horse – HEALING WITH HORSES  to facilitate change, transformation and clarity from her farm outside of Philadelphia.  Offers hope, clarity and insight to those who come with an open heart. Website: www.theresonatehorse.com

Glory Crampton – SPEAKER and COACH – Overcoming obstacles to unleash your greatest potential. Coaching on public        speaking, finding your voice, finding your charisma center and stepping into your own Star-power.
Tedx Talk Speaker. Star of over 40 Broadway Musical theatre productions. International concert artist.
Gloryzoey@aol.com Phone: 917-817-4929
Website: www.glorycrampton.com

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION website with videos on a plethora of topics – destroyingtheillusion.com – Seeker of TRUTH on ALL levels – Agent of conscious evolution

Stacy Ericson – ANIMAL INTUITIVE and Equine Integrated Experience
website: http://www.staceyericson.com

Molly Friedenfeld – ILLUMINARIUM – Molly illuminates the pathway for magnificent souls to remember their inner wisdom and brilliance and inspires souls to connect with nature so as to discover their true nature. In this way we make the world a brighter place!
Office: 612-384-7903
Website: www.violetwisdom.com

Christine Gadar – PILATES
Gadar Pilates

Lisa Gawlas – UNIFIED FIELD READINGS and Nation of Lights facilitator
Website: https://lisagawlas.wordpress.com

Taveta Grant – Transformation COACH and SPEAKER – Meditation/Spiritual Facilitator – ‎Awakening Minds
Taveta Grant on Facebook

Melanie Howard – PRANIC HEALING and Breathing

Sue Lathers – PAST LIFE REGRESSION hypnosis and past life illumination readings.
Email: s.lathers@aol.com.
The Soul Sanctuary on Facebook

Hope Lockhart – NEW ENERGY COACH using integration techniques and Organite expert
Email: energyiseverchanging@gmail.com

Swee Lin Lim – INTEGRATIVE HEALTH COACH – author of 10 Easy Habits of Eating well, being well
Website: www.sweelinlim.com

Rev. Thom and Nancy McQuade – Multi-dimensional VIBRATIONAL HEALING, life impressions and metaphysical classes. 941-228-3703 Website: backtobasicsliving@gmail.com

Melissa Parks – INTUITIVE READINGS – Seeker of Truth – Connects with your energy to help you see your truth and remember how truly powerful you are! Your energy is guiding you in the direction of love of self and love of all, in which she helps you find your key.

Dr. Carol Wentz Randacci DOM, AP – ACUPUNCTURE Ophthalmology and Advanced Medical Acupuncture – Transmission of Pranahuti for the awakening and expansion of consciousness for further acceleration of your evolutionary process.
Esoteric Acupuncture, SOUND WAVE IMMERSION
AīZen Healing Center
Sarasota, FL 34239

Cindy Readnower – Cynthia Readnower, M.B.A. – certified life COACH, AUTHOR and PUBLISHER.
Skinny Leopard Media

Marcia Colver Reichert – spiritual alchemist and SHAMANIC HEALER – ignite peoples’ passion and help them move into their true selves by aligning them with the new energies.
Website: www.channelingdivine.com
Website: www.soulsyncbodywork.com
Phone is 406-281-0135

Michelle Sibilia – PILATES
Pilates is a Workout
Sarasota, FL 34236
Website: michelle@pilatesisaworkout.com

Colin Snowball – WEBSITE DESIGN

Christine VanCoughnette – Sessions on EMOTIONAL BODY CLEARING and Presence.
Facebook – Akashic Records with Christine

Elizabeth Otten Samborski – PET SITTER Extraordinaire and a Compassionate Listener
Facebook – Elizabeth Otten Samborski

Dr. Homayoun Sadeghi – Speaker, physician, and MIND-BODY EXPERT. Staff of Mercury Documentary – Wellness from inside out.
Facebook – Staff of Mercury

Mary Kay on Facebook

STILLNESS IN THE STORM Website – SEEKING TRUTH on all levels. An agent for conscious evolution – stillnessinthestorm.com

Dave Transue – Mobile MASSAGE and Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practicioner
Website: http://www.davidtransuemobilemassage.com

Kim Topp – GRAPHIC DESIGNER – creative genius who designed my new book cover. She also runs a kick-ass bike racing company – Terra Firma Racing.
Website: http://www.terrafirmaracing.com

Rev. Mo Wark ~ ANGELIC HEALER, Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Empath, delivering Divine messages and connecting with one’s energy to rebalance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, to promote health, wellness and awaken one to their truth and life purpose.
Website: www.angelenergyworks.com
Facebook: Angel Energy Works: Center of Light

Wild Ginger Apothecary – A COMMUNITY OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS  Natural and Organic Apothecary, Learning Lounge and Yoga Studio in Sarasota, FL. Website: wildgingerapothecary.com




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