After holding on tight to a perceived outcome in regard to my novel Complicated…by Design, I finally released it. As I mentioned in the last post, Keys to Freedom, it didn’t happen without leaving claw marks. My ego hung on tight until the last minute before I dropped off the cliff.

Whenever I have the courage to surrender, I’m shown a better way to move forward than I could’ve ever imagined. And, I don’t know about you, but it always leaves me thinking, why in the heck did I wait sooooo long? To get to this point, I had to learn to use the keys of freedom, and TRUST I’d be delivered something better than my closed, myopic mind could consider.

This morning I woke up to what felt like a dam being opened. I was shown how my book and the TV show Travelers collide in a Trainwreck meets Eat Pray Love kind of way. Keep in mind, I have never seen the TV show Travelers. But, that is how the Universe works. The morning after letting go, an idea popped into my head while showering. I was being shown how the character, James, a wealthy British client, has darker family secrets than what I revealed. Later, while waiting to pick up my son, I came across an article about the TV show Travelers. Even though I rarely watch episodic TV, I felt compelled to read it. Not putting two and two together, I went to bed.

At night is when magic happens.  Why?  Because my ego goes to sleep. That’s why I awoke to flood gates opening. Out poured how the book I’m writing, Unconventional Truth, even though it’s non-fiction, effortlessly weaves a web around the character portrayals in Design. It all comes together in a manner that is truer to life. My life. Actually, the life I’ve been keeping secret since 2012.

Now, comes the fun part. Taking action to bring the creation to life and allow it all to take flight. Woohoo! I’ve got alot to do!

Stay tuned…

Btw…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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