Valentine’s Day cometh early but, as usual, not in the way I would’ve imagined. Since my last post on my dreams, which was back in April of 2017, I’ve had movie-team dream members pop in and out of peaceful sleep and meditations. However, I never felt compelled to write about the wonderfully weird details until now.

Back in June, after giving birth to a crystal that morphed into a mirror ball with scenes from my life projected onto each facet, lightning came out of my hands to energize it.

Before I knew it, I was inside the ball plugging in new images to be projected outward. They ranged from family adventures, like riding camels (trust me, not something on my bucket list) and repelling, to clean food and water for ALL on Earth. There were also scenes of my house with a sold sign, and a new one to replace it. The cruise ship from a previous post – Chart Your Own Course – turned vertical and rocketed upward like a space ship. From out of a 3D gold triangle, a key was placed in my heart. I was welcomed to the Key Club. Months later, I still wonder what that meant?

Keep in mind, this was not the first key I’d received. I had a flippin’ ring full. Yet, I still hadn’t a clue what I was unlocking. Or, if I did, I wasn’t aware in my awakened state.

Then, I heard a message.  “Tune out the noise and listen to the rhythm of the world around you.” Apparently, I did just that because one huge leather-bound book closed and another one opened. Even though it appeared to be a private graduation ceremony, I was wearing a cap and gown. The new book listed future events in what looked like ancient text. The only ones I remember were movie, move to California, travel the world, and overlight the TV and movie industry. I sensed there was an unexplored vastness in front of me, and that I would have future choice points if I decided to alter my course.

The feeling of antiquity shifted into a holographic-type screen where more detailed scenes quickly flashed by. For the life of me, I wish I recalled the vivid imagery when I awoke. No such luck. However, I did remember being shocked by the massive size of the original seedlings that were given out in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Pot . They were massive! The size of beanstalks with gigantic flowers on top.

In mid-August, the dream-team was back when a book labeled Deeia Topp’s Life Part Du opened. A building-block-type foundation was shown with additional blocks being added. The Eiffel tower graced the top with a green flag flying high. Various production company names flashed across the screen in partnership with Lightning Strikes Twice. A movie started.  It was Complicated…by Design. Chanda Lear was played by Emma Stone and Benedict Cumberbatch was James Carlisle. I think a small part of me was still hoping to see James McAvoy. Adam Levine, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, Ryan Gosling, and Colin Firth were part of the cast. Taylor Swift floated back in singing the theme song. I swear, it’s as if she’s an angel with translucent wings.

Shot in an old-fashioned style with a grainy sepia tone, the characters were shown playing various roles in each others’ past lives. Then, black and white images appeared. Next, in full-blown color, Chanda was standing in Times Square staring up at a skyscraper-size image of her ex-boyfriend, Harrison.

I was shown a scene being shot on a movie set in front of the Ritz Carlton in Paris. Seth Rogan was playing the role of Seth. I smiled in my sleep at that casting choice.

Finally, I created a tornado by using my hand. Various people and action steps whipped around in the wind until I used my fingers to energize it with lightning. Bursts of color radiated out from a central hub, connecting all in a beautiful web.

As crazy as all of this seems, that’s not the end of my movie-team dreams.

Stay tuned…

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