Going Beyond Dream State

Wow! 2018 swept in with energy that makes me feel like I’m lifting up off my bed while half sleeping, half lucid dreaming. The craziness keeps coming, and I LOVE it!

In January I was shown small balls that looked like Dippin’ Dots sticking to a twisted ladder. Each dot on the DNA spiral had various multi-layered meanings. The example being referenced in my dream was in relation to each dot corresponding with a person we have contracted with in this lifetime to do a specific project. The lighter and brighter the dots become, the more they expand. Once they all expand enough to overlap, or say one becomes so bright it encompasses the others, then the dots morph into liquid and all flows like a river of gold. Meaning, the project moves forward with fluidity.

Okay, I’m not big on science, but it all made perfect sense.

Now imagine each dot has twelve more circling it. The idea is to keep expanding your light by moving each of those dots outward to create a wider perimeter. I’m not 100 percent sure about this, but I surmised that the quicker the dots are moved out, and all is encompassed in the light, the faster the projects take off.  Since the example showcased a flowing river of gold, I think it’s safe to say this is spiritual alchemy. How cool is that? I’ll take a masters degree, please!

The next night three doors appeared in front of me. They had rustic wood frames that appeared to be living. Breathing. The doors were opaque, yet not solid. An energy mass, not a structural entity. I stood in front of each door. Even with all my keys from previous dream posts like The Batch is Back – AKA Cumberbatch, I knew the doors weren’t meant to be opened, I was supposed to feel into them. Behind door number one I sensed a path beyond that felt easy. Boring.

I couldn’t see what was behind door number two, but it felt fun. Exciting! At this point I was lucid dreaming because I actually felt my face curl up into a smile and my heart open wide.

As if I was remote viewing beyond door number three, it had a darker feeling. I sensed it would be hard, but rewarding. Almost like the path was made of coal and it was up to me to turn it into a diamond via, you guessed it, alchemy.

Since I don’t have that Earthly masters degree yet, I chose door number two. It had a joyous quality the others lacked. Now, keeping in mind that sometimes our higher expression decides that it prefers the harder road to learn more, therefore increase our expansion, it may just be my ego’s selfish desire to feel as great as door number two made me feel.

It also makes me wonder, since I chose door two, does that mean that the players in my life, as well as the movie cast from Benedict and Crew are Back, will change? I guess the only way to find out is to keep expanding my light.


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