If you consider Earth as a school, and we’ve been enrolled in the dramatic arts the entirety of our lives, we all deserve academy awards. I know I do. I have played the roles that I was assigned brilliantly.

I have been a villain and a victim. I’ve acted as the lover and fool. I’ve cheated. I’ve lied. I’ve performed passionately as a thief, whether it be of ideas, inspiration or bubble gum. I have been the bitch, too which many of you can attest because you graciously chose to play the role opposite me. I thank you for allowing me to expand my range of expression and feelings. I am grateful for when you played the role I most needed to experience by mirroring one I’d already played. For that, you all deserve Oscars, too.

Whether we realize it or not, we act out these parts from open hearts filled with pure love. There are no right parts, or wrong roles. There are no better actors or less-than actresses. All is perfect at all times no matter the size of the part.

And, when we surrender to the knowing that LOVE is the key, it unlocks the door to even more blissful roles!

Here’s to seeing you at the after party! Cheers!

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