Do Dreams Really Come True?

When I was writing my novel, Complicated…by Design, my dreams were filled with various celebrities – some dead, some alive – whom wanted to be included in my book. Dr. Seuss stopped by, Billy Ray Cyrus showed up on behalf of Miley, Kurt Cobain was adamant his name appear, and I had several nighttime chats with Katy Perry. When all was said and done, three Dr. Seuss poems made the cut, Miley managed to Climb in and Kurt got his way.

However, only Katy’s fashion sense was used as a descriptor, not one of her songs. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when filming a YouTube Channel interview yesterday, the host, Andrew Zaffina, who is a magnificent multi-intuitive known for his transformative work, informed me that Katy Perry’s higher self was seated next to me.

“Oh my God!” leapt out of my mouth. “I forgot to include her in my latest blog post Benedict and Crew are Back.”

Having shared my excitement when I was able to identify three more of the movie dream members, I had forgotten the song that was playing when sparks were shooting out of my head. Firework by, none other than, Katy Perry.

Considering I’m not up on the latest fashion happenings, nor what celebrity has an edgy new haircut, I was surprised when Andrew told me that Katy had short blonde hair and a huge smile.

Hmmm…I guess he was right. I found a pic of her latest cropped do.

It appears that Katy let my first exclusion slide, but wasn’t going to allow me to get away with missing her song twice. Thus, part of the reason for this post is to share my apologies. Sorry, Katy!

The other basis for this post is to follow up to the teaser at the bottom of number three in the dream series, Benedict and Crew are Back. Now, if you missed the first two, you can check them out here – Benedict Cumberbatch’s Pot and What Now Benedict?

Since I knew I was doing the interview with Andrew while writing post three, I didn’t want to give away any of the future scenes I was shown in case he validated them for me. Thus, my reason for secrecy. Also, a good cliffhanger never hurts!

Without further ado, here are the future images that flashed across that holographic screen in my dream.

I’d initially be living in LA rent free. Woohoo! When my family joins me, we learn to surf, we hike the canyon, and ski in the mountains. We eventually buy a house, not sure if it’s in the LA area, and pay cash. Hallelujah! The collaboration throughout the entire movie process is joyous as we travel to various places in the world for different aspects of pre and post production. There is a premiere in Paris with chandeliers swagged over Rue de Castiglione, a BAFTA is won, and Benedict introduces me to read a letter on stage.

I know there was more but, as dreams go, if I don’t write every aspect down the moment my eyes open, most of the delightful details drift away. And, as a side note, whenever you hear how important it is to record your dreams upon waking, the reason is that it helps anchor them into reality. How cool is that?

Here are a few snippets Andrew shared with me prior to our taped interview. Yes, I’ll be living in LA. My novel will be on the New York Times bestseller list and I will do a Ted talk. He sees me sipping tea while chatting with Benedict on a grey sofa. He also validated that Benedict introduces me to speak in front of an audience, although there was no mention of a letter.

During the interview Andrew questioned whether I have a sequel planned? He informed me that I should. He was also shown a west coast movie premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and saw Kirsten Dunst involved somehow. Since I’m open to infinite possibilities, I’ll take any or all of that.  Bring It On, Universe!

Now, let me get back to my title question – Do Dreams Really Come True? I BELIEVE they DO! And I’m choosing to use the wisdom of Dr. Seuss’ quote – you can steer yourself any direction you choose – to steer myself toward LA!

Also, in case you’re interested in checking out my post Why Don’t Books Have Soundtracks to see the full list of the artists and songs included in the book, click on the title. I showcased Echosmith’s song Bright and, in looking back, I find it interesting that I never realized that their album is titled Talking Dreams.

Cheers to more talking dreams!!

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