Chart Your Own Course

For years I’ve followed bread crumbs along the path of spiritual growth and self-actualiztion. Recently, though, I feel like I’ve moved off solid ground and am now charting my own course from a deep inner knowing of where I’m going.  It’s almost as if I can see the finish line on the horizon, but not the waterway I’m flowing along en route. Along with my dreams, other synchronistic events validate I’m going the right way.  Even though, when you think about it, there are no right or wrong ways on our paths, only deviations in our course.

After writing post number two from my movie-team dreams, What Now Benedict, I had a conversation with a friend about where I feel like I’m heading, which is toward a movie deal. Some may think what happened next was a coincidence, however, I don’t.

I picked up a to-go box to pop in my leftover pizza and out of the millions of photo images available on the internet, the exact same picture I have on my website’s screenplay page, with the saying ‘chart your own course’, stared back at me.  Truth bumps lit up my body.

The morning after I wrote post four in the series, Do Dreams Really Come True, I jumped in my car and the same Echosmith song I highlighted in the post, Bright, was playing on the radio. And to top that off, I drove down a road I’ve traveled over a thousand times and a four-foot high face behind a fence caught my eye.

It may not be an exact replica of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts mask, but it took my breath away.  If that’s the Universe’s way of validating my dream about the win of a BAFTA award in my future, I’m going to keep following the flow of the magical waters I’m navigating.

That leads me to my latest dream.  Considering Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling and Amy Schumer teamed up with Colin Firth, Tina Fey, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in blowing up my root chakra while Mark Montgomery and Benedict Cumberbatch watched a few nights prior, I wasn’t shocked when I blew up each of them one by one.  Why?  Once again, I have no idea.  It didn’t feel like retaliation, it was more in line with an energetic zap to get their attention.

Once my heart chakra finished lighting them up like the Fourth of July, we all jumped on a yacht with colorful flags flapping in the breeze. A green flag topped the pole, signaling the official start of what I’m going to call Complicated…by Design The Movie.

A clarion call was sent out through a series of tones via the foghorn to not only additional cast and crew, but investors and advertisers.  Then, acting as a magnet, the yacht attracted like-minded souls.  When the number of people climbing aboard the yacht outgrew the vessel’s size, it stretched into a cruise ship.

When I woke up I thought, holy crap, is this really happening?  Yes. I do believe it is!

Stay tuned!

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