Benedict and Crew are Back

Wow! Have you ever woke up in the same room you always do, yet everything feels different? That happened to me this morning. The colors seemed brighter, my mood was lighter and I felt like a million bucks.

Since this is part three of my blog posts about my dreams, let me do a quick recap. In the first post Benedict Cumberbatch’s Pot, several celebrities showed up in my dream requesting to be in the movie version of my novel, Complicated…by Design. The star-studded list included aforementioned Cumberbatch, along with Taylor Swift, Channing Tatum, Emma Stone, Jenna Dewan and Amy Schumer. Some I would’ve expected, others I was flat-out shocked. In the second post What Now Benedict two more joined the movie team, Colin Firth and Mark Montgomery. I’ve always sensed there were twelve, although I could only confidently identify eight. Last night, that changed.

In movie-team dream three, which was weeks after the second one, there was a glass wall separating me from the most spectacular view of Earth.

I approached a solid gold door in the glass without a handle. As soon as I lifted my hand to see if it could be pushed in, it magically opened. I stepped onto a path paved with what felt like liquid gold, except I didn’t sink or splash. Before going any further, I glanced back. The light on the other side of the glass vanished. The door disappeared. Okay, I thought, no going back.

After my eyes feasted on magnificent mystical birds and lush foliage from what could’ve been a scene from Avatar, my fantasy adventure took a surreal turn, even for a dream.

Somehow I ended up in a crystalline city where I was giant sized compared to the tiny beings surrounding me, yet I hadn’t signed up for a Gulliver’s journey. Channing, usually six-foot-one with a football-player build, was six inches tall. My scalp tingled when he poured pearlescent confetti on the top of my head. Five-inch Emma pointed spotlights at my face with the intensity of a thousand suns. The beams darted in, bounced off the back of my skull, and projected out like fireworks.

If you’re starting to think this woman has lost her mind or must be on drugs, that’s exactly what my family thought when I shared my dream at breakfast. However, I’m not crazy nor one to take drugs, not even aspirin.

Tina Fey, a newbie to the crew, even though she’s on my website’s screenplay page, appeared with Amy. I thought they’d be wrestling to see who’d win the role of Oral Annie. Instead, they worked as a tag team in wrapping rattlers around my throat. When the snakes slithered up my face they shed their skin. The scales flaked off and morphed into a neck-high collar that created a shiny gold necklace. I’m guessing it’s not an accessory you’re going to see at Fashion Week.

By the time the tiny celebrities reached my heart, I surmised their antics were coinciding with my chakras.

As if Channing hadn’t played a big enough role, he cut my chest open with his wife Jenna directing. Once he peeled the layers back he watched her pull out my heart. It wasn’t the organ kind, more like a 3-D valentine with the earth inside. She wrapped it in circular rainbows before placing it back in. Why? I don’t know.

Taylor swooped in as she always does. This time she was wielding a net pool-boy style. She skimmed my solar plexus prior to cracking open a chrysalis like it was an Easter egg. A beautiful white butterfly emerged and flew away.

When a team effort, with Benedict, Colin and Mark, went into tossing orange slices out of my mid-section, as if they were Olympic discus throwers, I realized my assumption about the energy centers were correct. They moved down from my sacral chakra to my root which, when I researched it, relates to the places we call home, as well as survival, among other things. This is where two more newbies stepped in. A tiny, blonde, Adam Levine lit a fuse of dynamite. “Awesome, we get to blow this up!” he exclaimed to an equally small Ryan Gosling. I had thought Adam would appreciate the challenge of playing a gay designer, but in that moment I wondered if he thought otherwise. Before the explosion, Amy’s wicked laugh announced her glee in pushing down the detonator on an ACME-looking, Wile E. Coyote device. Surprisingly, although I’m not the Roadrunner, I survived. Beep beep!

The entire movie team hung onto the laces of my winged shoes as they flew me halfway around the globe. When we landed in the backyard of a charming house outside of a less-polluted version of LA, we returned to normal size and the sic-fi feeling morphed into a realistic vibe. While lounging in a peaceful hammock, I was shown glimpses of the future on a holographic screen. It was then that I realized why they blew up my root chakra. They informed me that this is where I’d be living for three months before my husband and boys would join me. Considering my family and I spent months town shopping, and LA hadn’t made the top twenty list of places to move, I wondered what else was in store.

For the full review of the future escapades shown to me, you’ll have to check out post four coming soon. Until then, happy dreaming!!

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