In Part One, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Pot, he came to me by surprise in a dream while on Christmas vacation. I was handing out terra cotta pots with seedlings to people who stepped forward wanting to be involved in the movie version of my novel Complicated…by Design. Even though my mind was set on James McAvoy playing James Carlisle, Benedict was adamant a pot was meant for him and he was to play the lead role. When McAvoy didn’t show, I obliged.

Nearly two months later, after a crazy-fun day of snow tubing in Banff, Canada, I nose-dived into a feather pillow. Guess who was back in my dream? You got it, Benedict. We were dining across the table from one another at a posh restaurant. His wife was seated to the right between us and he appeared leery of why I was there. I was like, “listen dude” – because in my dreams is the only time I use that phrase – “I’m not a psycho fan stalking you. I wasn’t even the one who picked you. YOU came to me! Remember?”

He sat back. An aha expression softened his guarded smile. He squeezed his wife’s hand and replied, “You’re right. Let’s do this!”

The next night, which was two days before the Equinox, Spring sprung early. I was dreaming of climbing a beanstalk. I stepped off the top onto a white cloud and a gate opened from the vibration of the gold key I was holding. I don’t recall seeing anything on the other side prior to it’s opening, but as soon as it swung open, as if in a horror movie, a face popped up an inch from my nose. Holy crap! I’m surprised I didn’t wet the bed.

Realizing his eager approach startled me, Benedict stepped back. That same smug Sherlock smirk was back. He raised the terra cotta pot he was holding. The seedling I had given him back in December was in full bloom. And, it was my favorite flower. A tulip. Seriously? Talk about sucking up!

The same five heart-centered people, whom were given pots in the original dream and subsequently returned golden rings, paraded past. Emma returned a Calla Lily, which fittingly represents magnificent beauty and refinement. Jenna Dewan snuck up behind with a violet. Taylor Swift dropped in from above offering a lily of the valley. Amy Schumer danced up with a buttercup. I don’t recall the flower Channing Tatum returned, but I was excited that I remembered two more of the six people I couldn’t recall from the first dream.

Colin Firth, who I loved in Bridget Jones’ movies, as well as The King’s Speech, handed me a parrot tulip. Another wise choice. He would make the perfect silver-fox Senator Westfield. However, I sensed he wanted to direct. Not sure if that is something he does, but I’m open to infinite possibilities.

Mark Montgomery, whose company Xeitgeist produced the character-driven drama with Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons, The Man Who Knew Infinity, placed a pot in my hand with bluebells. Woohoo!

Just when I thought I had the foundation bed planted for the cast, music, directing and producing, an unexpected visitor arrived. He wasn’t holding a terra cotta pot, but he had flowers that took my breath away. Pink Peonies. The flowers that the British hottie, James Carlisle, sent Chanda in Complicated…by Design.

Hmmm…I guess that means that Benedict Cumberbatch might have competition. James McAvoy!

I climbed down the beanstalk and in the wild way things happen in dreams, the flowers planted themselves. Roots grew down deep with anchors grounding them into inner Earth.

Now that Spring has sprung, stay tuned to see what continues to grow in my movie garden…


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