In a world filled with signposts pointing us where our souls want to go, we are often too busy being human to notice them. Even when they’re flashing in neon or wood shavings are raining down from a woodpecker overhead.

During my years spent buried in drama and ego, I missed a myriad of signs directing me toward my highest and best good. Since finding the calm amid the chaos of this crazy world, I’ve started to pay attention to the faintest messages before the Universe uses more drastic measures to garner my attention. In this case, a few of my most recent messages have left me wondering if the blooms of my future come from seedlings in terra cotta pots.

In a dream while on Christmas vacation, I had a dozen terra cotta pots with sprouts growing up in search of the sun. As if they were invitations to a springtime party, various celebrities showed up requesting one. A few were from the dream-team cast I envision starring in the movie version of my novel Complicated…by Design. Two of the familiar faces from my website – – were Emma Stone and Channing Tatum. Considering I ask viewers on the screen-play page to vote between Emma and Keira Knightly to play the lead, Chanda Lear, it felt like Emma was stepping forward as the victor. Channing brought along his beautiful wife Jenna Dewan whom, I won’t lie, I recognized, but had to Google her name. She was asking to play Ginger, the part I had slated for Pink. Eager to reward their heart-felt request, I gave Emma, Channing and Jenna sprouts.

Surprisingly, Benedict Cumberbatch and Amy Schumer popped in. I knew right away Amy was looking to play the role I had pegged for Tina Fey. Considering I describe my book as Eat Pray Love meets Trainwreck, that made sense. Knowing that she could easily play Ginger, or the nemesis Annette, I happily handed her a seedling. Benedict unabashedly announced that he wanted to play the male lead and one of the pots was for him. My first thought was, YOU? He wasn’t who I had in mind. My second thought was, uhhh…NO! Since the conception of Complicated…by Design I have never envisioned anyone other than James McAvoy bringing James Carlisle to life on the big screen. So I made Benedict wait, in hopes he’d go away.

Taylor Swift floated in as if she had wings. Before I could ask whether she was looking to act or sing, she snatched a pot and flew away. While I pondered whether I’d included her in my version of the soundtrack woven throughout the book, Benedict continued to linger in the background.

Before I knew it, I had given away seven more pots. To whom? I wish I remembered. I do recall grasping the last tiny pot waiting for James McAvoy. When he didn’t show, Benedict persistently requested the seedling ready to bloom. That’s when my true self must’ve stepped in to assist with manifestation, because if it was up to me I wouldn’t have released my grip.

A couple weeks later I woke up at 3:33am and decided to meditate after failing to fall back asleep. Within minutes of drifting into that peaceful state, leaves on a tree turned into birds that flew away. Twelve of them had gold rings in their beaks. I don’t recall what else happened until I was shocked when the rings were returned and it wasn’t by the birds. I don’t know about you, but living humans rarely make appearances in my meditative state. If you guessed that Emma, Channing, Jenna and Taylor returned theirs, you get the picture. To my chagrin, Benedict showed up waving the fifth shiny ring. Seven other people returned their rings, but who they are is still hidden in my memory.

Another week or so went by when I was enjoying the beauty of nature from a chaise lounge in my back yard. A woodpecker in a tree above had a rhythmic cadence to his pecking that placed a repetitive saying in my head. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on the prize. What prize I thought, and guess who popped into my mind’s eye? You got it. Benedict Cumberbatch with that smug, all-knowing Sherlock grin. WTF! Where does he keep coming from? I felt like crying out, WHERE’S JAMES?

Well, I found James the day I cleaned out my closet.  Buried in the back was an old vision board. In the bottom left corner, below the picture of James, is Benedict.  Honestly, I had no recollection.  Back when I did the quick cut and paste job, I’m not sure I even knew who Benedict was.

Fast forward to the day I decided to write this post.  I searched Benedict Cumberbatch images. Ripped from the pages of ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ here is what came up.

Okay, Universe, I WILL keep my eyes on the prize!

Now, instead of thinking, REALLY?  You’ve got to be kidding. I’m in the mindset of BRING IT ON, Benedict! You can contact me anytime. I’m open to my seed dreams blossoming into a beautiful movie garden.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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