Radio Interview – Leading a Less Complicated Life

Please check out my interview on Internet Radio : Leading a Less Complicated Life.

November 21, 2016

Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva…
What started out as a small business in Deeia Topp’s one bedroom apartment twenty five years ago spawned into an interior design firm with an award-winning career in high end residential design. Looking back, Deeia thought that by fine-tuning her business, she would lead a less stressful life. What became apparent was that it wasn’t the mechanics of the business or the daily design details that needed to be adjusted, it was her inner world.

Once Deeia embarked on a journey to find peace amid her customer’s chaotic lives, she started to take responsibility for her thoughts, actions and emotions. By learning not to buy in to the drama of other’s daily disturbances, confronting her fears about money, as well as success, and letting go of past actions and issues, clarity stepped forth to light her way. She now chooses how to live her life, and has designed a less complicated one. Episode Segments:

Corporate Talk: Deeia Topp
Deeia believes that our lives ARE complicated by design. That said, she also feel that they don’t have to be as complicated as we make them.

After owning an award-winning interior design firm for twenty-five years, she realized that we spend more time and money designing our living spaces than we do our lives. Essentially meaning, happiness is an inside job, not something that can be bought by fancy furniture and expensive interiors.

Once that revelation sunk in, it led her to do some interior work on herself – how had she designed her life? OR, maybe the better question was, how had she allowed her life to be designed by others.

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