Asleep Under the Moonbeams A LULLABY BOOK

Today the heavens aligned

Planets shifted and stars crossed the divine


Eternal grace rained down upon you

A love granted to those who light the way you do


Not only are nightingales blessed

You too have a light that shines from your chest


When the sun sets and the moon shines bright

You open your heart at night


Loving hands gesture to your crown

As you show gratitude when you lay down


It’s time to give thanks, for the birds and the bees

The leaves and the trees


Crickets chirp and a frog sings

Yours is a message in which love springs


Goodnight, little one, in peace may you sleep

Wrapped in hugs of loving kindness for you to keep


Fairies sprinkle magic to ignite your dreams

While you sleep under moonbeams


Dreams are seeds that are planted at night

They blossom when you shine your light


Vivid images fill your mind

As you decipher how to help mankind


Lessons from the past will guide your way

Listen to your heart, it will not lead you astray


You will hear whispers when heaven sings

They will prepare you to do big things


Truth and wisdom are yours to pursue

You have what it takes inside of you


For day to break, dawn must come

When the moon sets, we welcome the sun


On angels’ wings hope will take flight

When you awake at first light


Darkness fades and love leads the way

Tomorrow is another bright, beautiful day


(Art by Josephine Wall)


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