How Do You Know When to Leap?

At the end of 2016 I will have wrapped up a twenty-five-year career as a designer and business owner. I’m blessed to have had the ability to straddle my old career while embracing my new for the last couple of years. That said, it’s literally taken me ALL that time, as well as years prior, to get to the point of no return. Now that I’ve arrived at that place, where my toes are hanging over the edge of the cliff and I’m ready to leap, I felt a yearning to share words of inspiration that were bestowed upon me.


I was alone in my office, preparing to do a radio show interview on the topic of mid-life career change, when I simply asked out loud, “How do you know when to leap?” A question I’ve been asked many times when someone learns that I’m choosing to give up a successful career.  One, that is usually accompanied by a look of dismay followed by their best attempt to warn me of the risks. To which I often smile, with the grateful realization that others’ projections of fear no longer sway me.


Here is what flowed out of my fingertips onto my computer screen that day. I wasn’t expecting these words to come to me, yet I have the utmost gratitude for the love and wisdom that was shared as I typed as fast as I could…

I am Naomi, one of the cosmic goddesses you call upon in times of need.  In times of what you deem trouble and we deem learning.  Your journey has brought you to this moment, to this precipice, which you may step forward and feel as if you are falling into an abyss.  We say trust your thoughts and emotions, feel your gut react to negativity and to extremes.  You are on a journey for all to see, not you alone.  One for many to witness how far you’ve come and why you’ve chosen to step out of a career you deemed dark to the lighter side of your calling.  A calling that has brought you here to this moment, to this time in your human life where there is a choice to make.  Do I move forward or do I stay in place?  We have heard your choice and acknowledge your preference.  Now action steps are required to further you on your path, along your journey.  Step out of the dark and be the light for others to see in a BIG way.  Announce your name to the world as you are strong, you are empowered by the light.  You are capable of leading the world into light. You amongst others working hard to anchor the light, we say good job, keep up the blazing pace.  Do not stop moving forward.  There is more to do, more to lighten up with your presence.  You may be speaking to the masses on topics that have nothing to do with healing.  Know you are healing.  You are there to heal.  Your words heal no matter what words you use, as long as they come from the heart.  Come from the deepest core of your soul, to that space between time, between breaths, between the speed of light.  You are a master in your own right.  A saint, a god, a divine being on this earth with a purpose.  A purpose to communicate the truth.  To be the truth and to share the truth.  Hold your light strong and broadcast your light out. 


Your golden parachute is there if you need it, but we know that you do not.  You have the strength, the calling, and the tools to move beyond fear, hesitancy, and to make a name for yourself.  For those who are feeling the middle of the storm will call your name.  They will reach out for help, for wisdom, for your mere presence because you are the calm amid the storm, you are the calm amid the chaos.  You are to be commended for your efforts.  We do have your back in all ways.  Do not look back. Look forward.  Eyes forward.  Eyes on the prize of divine wisdom, grace and above all LOVE.  We are love, you are love, every person, animal, grain of sand and piece of matter is love.  Be the love.  You are loved. It is with great pleasure we speak through you.  Now commence to share our messages with the world through your own divine course. Be the love, Deeia. Be the love.


I guess that means it’s time to leap!!


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