This is what I love about automatic writing. I never know where it is going to take me, or what is going to flow out.  To allow my ego to step aside as words flow through me, unedited, feels like freedom in a way that is hard to explain.  I look not for comments or feedback.  I simply share my latest message from the heart.

The beauty of mother nature abounds.


As we welcome summer, our memories foster days of youth, days of surrender, and days of thunder.  May summer rains wash away your pains.  May you surrender to the cause before you, knowing the universe has your back at all times.


May the inner child rise up within you, so you see the joy beyond the flowers and play.  Allow your imagination to create a vision for your future.  One of decadence and bliss.  One of love and laughter.  One of great joy beyond measure.  We welcome you to a summer like no other.


You are the master of your own creation.  You are the divine within.  You are the one who stands tall in chaos and surrenders to those who have your back, which is the universal whole.  All that is.  All that is you.  You are one.  We are all one.


Stay calm while chaos stirs your world.  Rise above to feel the emotional responses leaving, and peace setting in. Be the light.  Be the one. You are the one. With much love in our hearts.

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