Beauty – Balance – Bliss – It’s Possible to Have all Three!

Extremes. Knee-jerk reactions. Changes via legislation. We’re surrounded by the aftermath of events that shape the flow of life.  In many cases, those events are blown out of proportion and our society has a tendency to take things to the extreme. Often, out of fear, over-reaction, or change in attitude, the pendulum is swung form one side of the spectrum to the opposite. What I’d like to know is, what’s wrong with finding balance in between? Seems practical. Logical. Right?


Years ago President George H. Bush openly shared his vision for Americans to be more like The Waltons than The Simpsons. The thought of any culture staying stagnant by remaining in a Leave-it-to-Beaver world seems unlikely. That said, let’s consider why The Simpsons were such a hit.  Most likely because they were the opposite of The Waltons.


Once we feel imprisoned by something that no longer feels good, we strive to move as far away as possible.  Then, once emotions settle and common sense prevails, we end up finding balance in the middle.


As a designer, I’ve witnessed the mega-mansion craze and watched clients drive SUVs the size of tanks.  Now, tiny houses and small cars are all the rage. My guess is that we’ll happily land in mid-sized vehicles and homes that fit our needs. Thus finding that sweet spot, which is the bliss that comes with balance while being surrounded by beauty.  It IS possible to have all three!

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