Have you ever noticed that once someone you know has the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship, distance themselves from dramatic friends, or quit a pain-in-the-ass job, it becomes contagious?

In most cases, the thought of making a major change in our lives is scary.  That’s why many people stay in circumstances that aren’t in their highest and best good. However, once one person follows the words of John Wayne – Courage is being scared to death…but saddling up anyway – others follow in their tracks.


Why? Because when we watch someone embrace fear, and release what no longer serves them, we witness what happens after their initial ride. We see the peace that softens their shoulders and the jubilant glow of liberation that lights up their face.


We’re inspired by the self worth and determination that allows them to choose the path less traveled and find joy, in not only the journey, but the destination.

We think – if they can do it, so can I. That’s why, even though we don’t know what lies beyond what we’re leaving behind, we find contagious courage a welcome relief on our way to a new adventure. Thank you to those who light and lead the way!


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