Over the course of a year there is enough drama and chaos in our lives to fill a suitcase, if not more than one. Now that the sun has set on 2015, what do we do with all that baggage weighing us down?


For starters, take the time to celebrate the accomplishments, as well as the lessons learned throughout 2015.  Since you can’t take the past with you, it’s important to be grateful for the moments that filled the year, whether you perceived them as good or bad, and prepare to move on.


Next, allow yourself to envision your life without attachments.  No unecessary material possessions, no vampire friends or whiny relatives.  This is a time for new beginnings, even if that means distancing yourself from those who create drama in your life or don’t treat you right.

Imagine your life in a magical ball of light, filled with what you envision your future to look like in paradise.  Notice what the ball doesn’t contain.  There are no comparisons to what your neighbor has, or that supermodel’s long legs.  There are no discerned failures.  No complaints.  No emotional break-downs. There is a loving peacefulness, amongst whatever fills your heart with joy.


Now, it’s time to release the past and leave the baggage of 2015 behind.  You don’t need it.  Step forward into the power of the New Year and focus on what is in your highest and best good.

Here’s to love, light and laughter in 2016.  Cheers!




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