The new kind of design for 2016 isn’t about clean lines and couture, it’s all about YOU.

The time has come to stop following trends and start surrounding yourself with what feels right for YOU. Whether you’re freshening up your wardrobe, renovating a fabulous house, or shedding old habits while embracing new, 2016 is the year to shine in ways that are uniquely YOU.  Show your true colors in decorating and fashion, as well as how you spend your time, by making choices that make YOU feel good.

It doesn’t matter if the trend is outdoor showers.  If your tootsies like the warmth of soaking in a tub while relaxing in natural surroundings, go for a claw-foot instead of a rain head. Or, you can have both!


If you’re trying on the hottest jeans, the ones that all the fashionistas are wearing, and they don’t feel right, DON’T buy them.  Skinny jeans are meant for some, flouncy pants for others. Be kind to yourself by purchasing what feels comfortable while remembering that, ultimately, it’s not about the clothes.  It’s about loving yourself and rocking what you’ve got.  The true shine comes from within, not from a sequined tank top.


Design your life for 2016 by choosing to trust your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel right about the party you’ve been invited to, DON’T go.  There is no need to be a people pleaser. Most likely, your time will be better spent by listening to what your body is telling you. Self-care may feel selfish, but the more YOU shine from feeling fabulous, the more others around you will feel their glow. Why?  Because bliss is contagious.


If you ARE going to follow trends, follow these – Drama and negativity are so 2015. Like the song from Frozen, the one ingrained in our brains, Let It Go! Stop watching the chaos on Reality TV and tune into what inspires YOU.  Speak your truth by saying exactly what you mean. Start each day with a positive thought, and allow that to lead to a positively happy day.  Before you know it, you’ll be living joyful weeks that turn into magical months and an amazing year.

Here’s to YOU bringing back the uniquely beautiful YOU that you’ve always been!  I can’t wait to see you shine in 2016!

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