Remembering Your Inner Child at Christmas

At this time of year we often find ourselves caught up in the frenzy of the holidays. Between school, work, shopping, decorating, and a multitude of festivities, we’re pulled in many directions.  All which lead to the crunch of Santa’s fast-approaching deadline.

What if we stopped momentarily to harken back to Christmas past?  Not in a Scrooge manner, where we’re whisked back to see our mis-guided ways, but in a joyous remembrance of what Christmas felt like as a child. Stop reading for a minute and think back to how you felt when you found that perfect gift for your mom.  How you marveled at the beauty of your not-so-straight wrapping and your insides itched as you waited for her to open it. Can you feel your heart open? I bet it did back then.


Do you remember waiting up for Santa with one eye open and one closed?  What about that magical moment when you saw the cookies had been eaten, the milk drank, and that gifts had been beautifully positioned under the tree.  Well before you knew what was in the packages, you leapt for joy at the wonderment of it all. And, oh, that favorite gift.  The one you cherished for years. Remember that? My guess is it wasn’t just another material possession, it was as if happiness had been bottled.


Here’s to remembering your inner child at Christmas. Cheers!

May JOY, and the merriment of peace on earth and love to all, be yours this season!

With love and gratitude,


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