As amazing as science is, a consensus on how and why cats purr hasn’t been reached. Whereas I’m not a scientist, I have a thought about one of the greatest mysteries in zoology. I believe a cat’s purr is simply their vibration coming to life.


Cats not only purr when they are expressing joy and communicating, they also purr when they are injured. Thus, you may wonder why their vibration would raise when in pain.  Simple.  The higher the vibration, as in humans, the greater the ability to self-heal.  Doctors believe their purr is linked to the reason they recover faster than dogs after surgery.


Another interesting thought is that the purr is connected to both the inhale and exhale of the breathing cycle.  Once again, that makes purrfect sense. Considering that during yoga, sex or mediation a human’s vibration is raised through focused breathing, why wouldn’t the same apply to cats?


So, why is it we don’t hear a human’s vibration?  Although I don’t have the answer to that, I can say that if you meditate with ear plugs you can hear your own purr.  Go ahead, give it a try!


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