Really, THAT’S a Problem?

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In the design world, I’ve watched clients create issues where there are none. Children starve in Africa, yet clients freak out when a friend doesn’t like the tassel fringe on their silk pillow. I mean, really, THAT’S a problem? Contemplating what constitutes an issue, led me to ponder another question – If you don’t view anything as a problem, does that mean you don’t have any?

In the movie, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, the bride-to-be flipped out because there were no figs in the arugula salad. If she would’ve viewed the issue as oh-well-the-figs-are-missing, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Once she emotionally labeled it as a problem, then it was a problem.  A HUGE problem…in HER mind, anyway.


Even those who live well-balanced lives, and realize that missing figs in a salad aren’t a problem, generally allow greater issues to throw them off course. Which leads me back to the question I pondered.  If we view everything we experience, even the most challenging problems, as a positive shift in the direction of our lives, is it possible not to have any?  I think Winnie the Pooh knew the answer to that when he said, “Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.”


Enjoy your journey!


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