A Helping Of Gratitude

Generally, along with traditional Thanksgiving fixings like turkey and stuffing, we take the time to contemplate what we are grateful for.  Whether that is achieved by feeling obligated to think up something quick at the dinner table, or we genuinely offer thanks, our hearts open.  As if the sun is in our chest, that opening, even if it’s the tiniest of cracks, allows generosity, love and compassion to flow out.  


You may think it’s the turkey, or more likely the wine, that gives you that warm glow.  I tend to think that it’s the one day a year that millions of people are making an effort to show an expansion of gratitude that goes beyond the polite thank you. Hopefully, the thankfulness stretches beyond materialistic possessions, as even the hardships we face and the obstacles placed at our feet offer positive lessons.  The challenge is that we are often so blinded by our chaotic lives that we don’t clearly see how, from the wreckage of things we’ve lost, comes a freedom that allows us to soar above the shore.  


My hope is that the outpouring of love and gratitude continues to flow on a daily basis, not just Thanksgiving.  I encourage all who lay down their heads, whether it’s after an all-day shopping spree or a hard day at work or play, to give thanks.  Not just from the irony of black Friday following our national day of gratitude, but EVERYDAY! 

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