VISION BOARDS – All the Rage!

Considering vision boards have recently become popular in the mainstream, I’m sure most of you have heard someone talk about them, or maybe you’ve made one.  Whether it’s an exercise group using them to reach their ideal body-shape, a church group looking to manifest abundance for a worthy cause or kids pasting pictures on poster board in the classroom, visions boards allow us to craft what we wish to attract or achieve into a physical visualization.


Ideally, it’s best to display your vision board in a location you see daily. That said, what about the other items we surround ourselves with? Does your office calendar offer you inspiration?  What about the art on the walls in your residence? If you dream of a gondola ride in Venice, you could hang a painting of the romantic Italian city in your bedroom.  You could also cut travel photos out of magazines and use them to fill picture frames.  As long as you set the intention, decorative pillows or accessories that remind you of your goals could work also.


Unfortunately, visuals aren’t enough.  You have to take action. Here’s a quote by Walt Disney to get you started, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”  Try it.  You can!


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