Topp Ten Tips to Design a Less Complicated Life

My novel, Complicated…by Design, is not only a deliciously-dishy peek behind the draperies of Greenwich’s Botoxed elite, it’s an interior designer’s journey to find peace amid the chaos of her client’s shallow world. Stealing tidbits from Chanda’s fictional path, here are ten ways to design a less complicated life while leaving the past where it belongs, in the past. 


1) Even if everyone else around you is on emotional overload, you DON’T have to be. It’s their drama, not yours.

2) Stop blaming others for YOUR issues.

3) There are times when you should be selfish.  Are you going to disappoint people?  Yes. They’ll get over it.  If they don’t, it’s their issue NOT yours. 

4) Quiet your inner voice, the bitchy one that tells you your ass looks fat in those jeans, and allow your optimistic outlook to shine. LOVE thyself and others will too. 


5) STOP worrying, it creates roadblocks and impedes flow.  Instead, live in the moment and let life unfold naturally. No matter whether you think you can control what happens, you can’t. 

6)  Saying it doesn’t make it true. You have to BELIEVE it and take steps to get there. Don’t allow fear to hold you back.

7)  You ALWAYS have a choice. Make decisions based on instincts and less on money, fear and ambition. 


8) Whether it’s baby steps or giant leaps, summon the COURAGE to stretch beyond your comfort zone until you’ve found a balance in between. 

9)  YOU have a simple choice – be happy, or not.

10) Remember, you chose this life…ENJOY it!

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