It Used To Be King Of the Hill

When did we stop racing to the top of the hill and decide to put others on pedestals instead?  I guess a better question would be, why do we elevate people to pedestal status anyway? 

In today’s media-driven society, athletes and celebrities are idolized and placed on top of lofty pedestals where the view fans often see are of carefully-crafted packages that disguise the true essence of the person teetering above. In the case of several celebrities, their pedestals have skyrocketed to skyscraper size. It makes you wonder, isn’t continually pumping up your image to keep yourself on top exhausting? And, once your head is in the clouds, isn’t it lonely up there?


The sad part is that it usually only takes one misstep and the same fans, that obsess over the stars’ Instagram selfies, are the ones who are quick to crucify. They smash the pedestal with a swift blow via Facebook or Twitter and the star topples down to a level where their humanness is exposed.


If you really think about it, if we choose to focus our energy on celebrities, then it’s OUR egos that build those pedestals.  Okay, yes, there are a few stars who have self-erected pedestals that could reach the space station but, in general, it’s the fans who need to reconcile how they value their own worth.  Are there any celebrities that are better than you?  No.  Are there any stars who are worthy of focusing more of your energy on them than on you?  No. Should anyone, whether it’s the Dali Lama, Ghandi or the Godfather of Soul, be placed on a pedestal?  No.  Absolutely, not!  If they are, it would be my hope that they’d lower a rope and help lift everyone up!


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