Want to know a secret about cutting-edge decorating trends?

Here it is.  Are you ready?  The best, most cutting-edge decorating trends out there right now can be summed up with a singular concept – surround yourself with what YOU love. 

Not what you were expecting, huh?  I know it may seem crazy at first.  I mean, come on, we’re all used to looking to others to show us what we should like.  Right?  We tune into HGTV and flip through the glossy pages of interiors magazines in search of the latest trends.  However, when you consider that the definition of trend is a reflection of what is popular at a given time, it makes you wonder if your pocketbook can keep up with the breakneck speed in which what’s favored today is relegated to the garage-sale pile a year later. 


Decorating shouldn’t be about what others like, it should be about what YOU choose. Who cares if your friends despise the tassel fringe on your silk pillows. Who cares what starlets home is decked out in all white after you’ve finally incorporated grey, which is the ‘new beige’, into your space.  What should matter is that you’re surrounding yourself with what you love. What makes you feel good. What inspires you. You can’t go wrong when you walk into a room and your favorite piece of art makes you smile, your rustic dining table stirs memories of the fabulous French farmhouse where you found it or, your soothing-colored rug calms your battered brain after a stressful day. 

You may be thinking, okay, what’s cutting edge about what I like?  Well, it’s not about the individual items you prefer.  It’s about the concept of making it all about YOU in a refreshing way that is devoid of materialism, competition and judgement. The intention is to create an environment in which you want to spend time. One that fits who you truly are, ugly lampshades and all.


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