The Topp Tip I learned from My Uber Wealthy Clients

The Topp tip I learned from my uber wealthy clients – The BEST jobs are the ones you DON’T get.

I know, WHAT? How is that possible? The first time one of my design clients said, “The BEST jobs are the ones you DON’T get,” I scratched my head.  Honestly, I didn’t get it. I thought, how can it be the BEST if you didn’t get it?  The idea of NOT making money from a missed opportunity seemed crazy. 

Considering my wealthiest clients were usually the ones telling me how fortunate I was when I didn’t get a project, I used to think – Hah! That’s easy for them to say. They play polo, own a private jet and keep time by Patek Philleppe.  

Then, the day I fired a control-freak client and he screamed into the phone, “You can’t fucking do that!”  it was as if an Edison bulb flashed in my head. I knew exactly what my uber-wealthy clients meant.


Blinded by economic-downturn fear the first day I met Mr. Control-Freak, I ignored the unsettled feeling I had in my stomach when the vertically-challenged man, with what appeared to be a pregnancy-bump projecting a foot past his stumpy stogie, bragged about a photo he’d taken during a rare sighting of tribal, Peruvian Indians.  Even though his tour group had strictly forbidden photography, he had snapped the close-up picture anyway. I could tell by the terror radiating from the Indian man’s blood-shot eyes, he thought Mr. Control-Freak was stealing his soul. After weeks of working with Mr. Control-Freak, I could relate.  

Even though it wasn’t technically a project that I didn’t get, it ended up being the BEST project I didn’t have to deal with.  

There’s a reason we don’t get jobs we may want.  Because they aren’t what we need!


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