FIDELITY – Does that word conjure up thoughts of loyalty to a cause, or allegiance to a nation? How about commitment to a belief system? Do you immediately think of sexual faithfulness to a partner, whether it be a spouse, significant other or someone you’re dating?

For those of the Friends generation, you may recall the infamous scene where Ross emphatically reminds Rachel that they were on a break. Whereas the emotional ties we develop in relationships allow us to empathize with those characters, I surmise we rarely consider the bigger picture? What makes their personalities such that one sees it one way and the other has a completely opposite view?  Could it be as simple as one is male and the other is female?  I believe it goes beyond that. 


In developing characters for my novel, Complicated…by Design, I utilized my perceived knowledge of personality traits from personal encounters I experienced over the years.  I also decided, after having my birth astrologically charted for fun and being blown away by how eerily accurate it was, that using the zodiac to help develop characters wasn’t a bad idea. As it turned out, tapping into nodes, moon placement and rising signs for fictional characters was akin to a cheat sheet. 


We may take for granted that the moon rules the ocean tides, but it’s hard not to notice the craziness that begets craziness when a full moon dances about the night sky.  Thus, why wouldn’t we consider how moon placement directs emotional behavior, affects conscious thoughts and sparks instincts in our characters who value security and fidelity? Researching the north nodes to flesh out the direction your characters should be heading in life, and utilizing the rising signs to demonstrate how they would interact socially on their journey, can lead you down the right path. 

That being said, we have the sun, moon and stars to thank for the greatest fidelity we experience in our daily lives. A morning doesn’t go by without that beautiful glowing orb, we call the sun, rising in the eastern sky. It doesn’t need to take a break! Now that’s FIDELITY you can have ultimate faith in.


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