Topp Five Simple Paint Pleasures

We all have simple pleasures in our lives that give us the warm fuzzies, make us laugh, or fill our hearts with gratitude. Some are guilty pleasures, as in binge watching Game of Thrones, or savoring a piece of dark chocolate with a full-bodied glass of red wine. Some simply lift our spirits after a long day, like being greeted by furry, four-legged creatures with wet kisses and wagging tails. 

In the design world, I believe it’s easy to surround yourself with simple pleasures using paint. Here are my TOPP five paint thoughts for the day.  

1) Paint your bathroom a warm, fleshy paint color that gives you that wonderful rosy glow you get from candlelight. Sadly, my bathroom is a gold tone that isn’t making me feel like the inner goddess in Fifty Shades of Grey. Note to self… time to repaint!

2)  Paint the room you spend the most time in a color you love.  We all have that fave color.  The one you wear a lot.  The same one that when you see it you say, “Oh, I love that color!” Who cares what the latest designer trend is – what do we know anyway? Pick up a gallon of what makes you feel good and surround yourself with it.

sky limit

3)  If you have a stressful job, and when you arrive home it still feels like there is a tornado whipping around inside your head, create a soothing oasis with paint. Soft spa colors, like subtle shades of blues and greens have restorative and quieting qualities that go along way in taming the winds within.  

4) Allow nature to inspire you. Earth is a magnificent color coordinator, so steal a color scheme from the beauty you see at the beach, hiking amongst the trees or enjoying sunset. 

love endures all

5) If solids bore you. Try stripes. Then you don’t have to pick one favorite color, you can choose two. If bling is more of your thing, there are great paints with glossier sheens. If texture is what you’re   looking for, use drywall compound to create before you paint. 

Remember, if you love the color, who cares what anyone else thinks. 

Happy Painting!!

sweet sunset

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