The Best Week Ever

If you could do any job for one week, what would it be?  Would it be a top-secret, super-hero kind of thing?  Would you choose to live the life of a movie star, complete with red-carpet interviews and winning an oscar?  Maybe you’d jump in a race car and drive two-hundred-miles-per-hour around a track. If you knew you weren’t going to get paid, would you choose to help others, whether it be building houses, rescuing animals or providing shelter for those less fortunate?

Have you ever allowed yourself to think about what you truly want without filters?  Without your ego kicking in and saying, “Oh honey, that’s not YOUR thing?” Ignoring your inner voice when it tells you, “YOU could never do that?” 

I’m not talking about a career change. It doesn’t matter if you’re physically or mentally capable of handling what you choose.  All that matters is that you answer the question as if anything were possible.  No barriers.  No limitations.  Just say it.  I’d like to_____ for a week. 

Years ago when my novel, Complicated…by Design, was in it’s infancy, I used to tell everyone that I was writing a book and I was going to get published.  Why? Because I felt like if I said it out loud it made me accountable. Once the book was complete, I took it a step further.  I started this website and added a Drama page listing the characters that I see playing the roles in the movie. I figured, what the hell.  If I want it, I need to put it out there. That said, if you know of any producers, tell them to give me a call 😉


Today I’ve decided to have the courage to express what I’d like to do for one week.  I would like to be a guest writer on Saturday Night Live. I figure that after designing for the ‘real’ housewives for twenty-five years, I have a story or two that would make one hell of a skit. I guess maybe that’s why I see Tina Fey playing the role of Oral Annie.  And, surprisingly, that character in my book has nothing to do with the time I was asked to design a blow-job bench!


Your turn. Shout it out!

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