Take NOTHING Personally

I read those three simple words today and they stopped me in my tracks. Wow. Think about that. NOTHING.

What would your world be like if you took NOTHING personally? Would it be easier?  Would you feel more peace, less stress? If you didn’t answer yes to the last two questions, either you thrive on drama, or you may want to dig a little deeper to explore what not taking anything personally would really mean in your life.

What if you walked into a restaurant and the hostess looked you up and down before smirking?  Would you wonder whether there was something wrong with the way you were dressed?  Oh my God, could it be the tight bandage dress you thought was hip and trendy, yet you weren’t sure whether it was actually a little slutty? Would your thoughts spin into a frenzy with – I knew I shouldn’t have bought it. Is anyone else thinking what the hostess is thinking? Are people staring?

Let’s rewind for a minute. Why should you care what the hostess thinks? You shouldn’t. If you picked the dress because it felt like you, the true you, not the one who buys clothes to impress other people, then the hostess’ smirk would be nothing more than a momentary thought – that’s your reality honey, not mine.


Remember, what people say is a reflection of them, NOT you. Just be your TRUE self and OWN it!  


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