Clearing Out the Cobwebs

Okay fellow writers, what do you do when you need to clear out the cobwebs and fill a blank page with words?  I can’t say that I have ever had a set routine.  If anything, I usually try exercise or a long soak under the rain head – not that either of those work consistantly.  After attending a writer’s workshop that produced the poem pinned to the top of my blog page, I decided to give free-writng another go. Once again, I was surprised by the results so I thought I’d share what I tried in case others wanted to test my method.

Grab an old fashioned notepad or journal and your favorite pen. It’s helpful to mute your phone and use it as a timer instead. For me, two – three minutes works best.

Set your intention on writing without analyzing. The purpose is to allow words to flow out even if they don’t make sense. 

You can choose a topic if it helps. 

Sit down on a comfy chair, in a quiet space, with your feet on the floor. Bare feet optional, but please no socks with sandals. Never, ever… just sayin’.

Relax your shoulders and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Allow outside distractions to slip away. 

Visualize a white light that is infused with words streaming down through the top of your head. 

The light moves down to your heart and through your arms, where the words escape out of your fingertips and end up on the page.

Below is my last attempt at free writing. Obviously, the point isn’t to edit but, considering I wrote that the day breaks before dawn comes, I made a few changes before posting.  

I don’t write poetry, if you can call it that, so I’m always amazed at what spills out.  Especially, about midway, when my brain is less involved and the words flow from my heart. 

Happy writing and cobweb clearing! 

Sunset Flower


For day to break, dawn must come

When the moon disappears, we welcome the sun

Our hearts hold grace we do not know

It comes in the form of letting go

With light on our side we travel further

A distance that cannot be measured altogether 

In the fog we see the phoenix rise

It will not fly with despair on our side

Take note in the way you speak

For the beauty is reflected back when it is sweet

We must not forget from where we came

We will travel back when the stars beckon our name

Do not proceed with dreams of greed

Road blocks will stop you, you will make no speed

Move forward as if you’re floating above past wounds

Viewing them from a different perspective does the soul good

You may think you are stuck, but that’s not what others are seeing

The vision that holds you, is of your own doing

The support of those that surround you is greater than you know

With gratitude for all you’ll start to flow

The grace you will grasp is from releasing the past

Your new life has what your heart needs at last


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