BELIEVE is not just a word

I was reminded this weekend that BELIEVE is not just a word, it’s a deep inner knowing.

I found the USA Women’s soccer team to be as inspiring off the field as they were on the pitch. Before the final match, the sentiment ‘we believe’ was a common theme from the players.  Why?  Because they did. They not only believed in each other, first, they believed in themselves. After they won the World Cup, it wasn’t just a theme, it was an undeniable consistency that each one of them clearly stated in their interviews, “They believed.”  Hope Solo took it one step further when she eluded to the calmness she felt the night before the big game that came from knowing they would win…not could, but WOULD win.  That’s truly believing. 


After losing the World Cup trophy to Japan in 2011, the US team could’ve dwelled on the past and allowed self doubt to creep in.  Obviously, they dealt with the defeat by learning from it and letting it go. The past was in the past.  There was nothing they could do to change it.  It was done.  Over.  I’m not sure how long it took them to release the hurt that our egos feel after we’ve lost something we deem important, and my guess is that each individual player worked through it at a different pace. Once they’d cleared the emotional space, I bet they started to envision themselves lifting that trophy high above their heads again. 

However, as we all know, dreaming isn’t enough.  You have to take action.  And, they did. They worked their butts off for four years. Then they reached the point where they stopped dreaming about the future and focused on the present.  One game at a time. Each of them played in the moment and they allowed their belief to move them physically, mentally and, after the closing seconds of that final match, emotionally.  

Kudos to you, USA Women’s National Team! Job well done! Thank you for reminding us all how important it is to BELIEVE!!PastedGraphic-3

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