Seven Steps To Happiness

I firmly believe we create our own happiness. I know it may be hard for some to believe that happiness comes from inside of us, versus from external sources.  Sure, it feels great when someone tells you that you are beautiful, but to be truly beautiful, I surmise that you need to have a deep inner knowing that you are.

If each person increases their awareness by implementing one step a day, for one week, I bet not only will they be happier, but those around them will receive a joyful boost as well.  

1) Try this on Monday: Think Less, Feel More – In writing my first novel, I learned that thinking less – meaning to quiet my mind by blocking out egotistical chatter, allowed me to feel more.  For me, writing from what I felt flowed easier when my brain wasn’t overanalyzing the words I was putting on the page.

2) Tuesday is a great day to attempt this: Frown Less, Smile More – When you surround yourself with people who understand how important it is to laugh at the absurdity we are surrounded with on a daily basis, smiling comes easy.

3) Hump day is a perfect day to: Talk Less, Listen More – I feel like I’m working backwards on this one.  As a designer, I spent twenty-plus years listening.  Now, I’m learning to use my voice and speak out more. A healthy balance is what we should all seek.

4) Thursday is time to: Judge Less, Accept More – This is one that if you back away from the drama you’re surrounded with, and listen without commenting, you’ll be blown away at how far out of balance our society is.

5) Friday you can: Watch Less, Do More – Generosity springs to mind, and not in a monetary sense. I also think Talk Less, Do More works here.

6) Saturday will allow you time to: Complain Less, Appreciate More –  In my opinion this should be posted on every refrigerator in America. Whether it’s a food-service worker or the copy machine, I dare you to count how many times you blame someone or something in a single day.  Good luck keeping track.

7) Attempt this on Sunday: Fear Less, Love More – To me, fearing less means to release all limiting thoughts and ideas, which simply leads to loving more. Who doesn’t want that?

(7 Steps to Happiness were created by Doe Zantamata)


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