TOPP Ten Clients Design Students Will Face in the “Real” World

  10) The Good

– Be grateful when you get them and thank them, ALOT!

9) The Bad

– Need I say more?

8) The Ugly

– And I don’t mean looks. Egocentric rants are just flat out ugly.

7) The Cheap

– Hear that creak?  It’s their wallet cracking open after you’ve wielded a crowbar.

6) The Insane

– Heavily medicated, or not, they’re still crazy.

5) The Selfish

– Mine, mine, mine…conveyed with the childish flair of a two-year-old

4) The Manipulative

–  They’ll twist your words, sneakily change your contract, and circle back to their same crappy ideas until you want to cry, “Uncle!”

3) The Entitled 

– Or, so they think.

2) The Tight-Faced

– There’s a reason we nicknamed our conference room ‘The Post-SurgeryFreak Show’

1) The Least Expected 

– In my case, the one I never imagined I’d see on the beach wearing a banana hammock.  Honestly, after seeing not only his fuzzy butt, but his pubic hair peeking out, I could barely look at him in meetings.  I mean, with women they call it camel toes.  What’s appropriate for a man?austin-thong-dude

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